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    Hip and Knee Replacement

Free Educational Knee Seminar with the Doctor – Wed, June 17

Learn about surgeon-controlled OMNI robotic assisted total knee replacement. Speak with the surgeon about treatment options and see if total knee replacement is right for you.

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In this video Dr Dabuzhsky shares the value of understanding conventional hip and knee replacement in order to appreciate the differences at The Joint Replacement Center of Boston. For a technical explanation of Dr Dabuzhsky’s approach we suggest watching “Our Unique Approach to Hip and Knee Replacement”. There are many other informative videos by Dr Dabuzhsky on hip and knee replacement on our center’s Motion by Design Blog and Youtube Channel.

Reducing the discomfort, recovery time and scarring in total hip replacement, total knee replacement and partial knee replacement while restoring natural, fluid motion.

The art of restoring motion is made possible by advances in science, the use of state-of-the-art technology and our unique approach.

If you’re experiencing pain, your range of motion is inhibited, or you are apprehensive about certain movements;  It’s time to visit us.

Your cardiovascular health, your overall well-being and your longevity are directly connected to your ability to move your body.

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As Chief of Radiology, I see the effects of degenerative arthritis in patients, and have a good understanding of joint replacement. I chose Dr. Dabuzhsky at a sister hospital to perform my total hip replacements, because I knew that his surgical talent, coupled with his adoption of the most advanced image guided robotic technique(s), would assure an excellent outcome. My experience at the Joint Replacement Center of Boston was excellent. –Richard Herman MD, Chief of Radiology, Boston Massachusetts

In my position with Cerberus Capital Management I have worked closely with Steward Health Care Systems. When it came to my own knee replacement, and a choice of remarkable orthopedic centers here in Dallas, I chose to fly to Boston. That was for one reason, Dr. Dabuzhsky. I can now say it’s one thing to understand his reputation. It's another to experience first hand why he has a cult-like following. The easiest way to explain my experience was I flew back to Dallas three days after surgery. That doesn’t happen in joint replacement. Anywhere.–Kevin Smith; Dallas, Texas

I was unable to perform a concert as a result of an injury to my elbow. As I have had experience with such injuries I asked to see an orthopedist specializing in sports medicine. A few phone calls were made and consensus was Dr. Dabuzhsky was the doctor to see in Boston. Not only did he see me right away but I played that evening. I am in Boston regularly and always stop in to visit, and receive a check up. Although Dr. Dabuzhsky assures me it is completely unnecessary, it seems absurd to be in Boston and not take advantage of such expertise. –Vladimir Spivakov, Violinist, Conductor; Moscow, Russia

I avoided surgery for so long that I was barely able to walk a few steps. I was confined to my apartment for almost a year. I was willing to go through joint replacement only after I discovered Dr Dabuzhsky's method.  As a structural engineer the science and approach just made sense for me. I actually walked out of the hospital the day after my surgery! That was beyond my wild expectations. Thank you. Dr. Dabuzhsky for letting me convey my story. –Boris Freedman, Structural Engineer, Boston Massachusetts

After my accident, I had surgery to fix my arm. The surgery was a complete catastrophe. I was in so much pain all of the time and had no use of my arm. I went to the best specialist in Moscow who recommended amputation. I then flew to Los Angles for a second opinion. The specialist (orthopedic surgeon) at the orthopedic hospital agreed, amputation was needed. It was there that someone suggested that I had to speak with Dr. Dabuzhsky in Boston. After Dr. Dabuzhsky looked over my x-rays and records he assured me he could save my arm and restore it’s function. I flew to Boston immediately. Soon Dr Dabuzhsky performed a ten-hour surgery. A few months later my pain was almost completely gone and I could begin using my arm. With physical therapy my arm is now perfect. I have shared this story in television, magazine and newspaper interviews. Dr Dabuzhsky changed my life. (translated from Russian) –Sergei Solovyov; Actor, Producer, Director (Moscow)

My husband is an internist at a leading hospital in Massachusetts. I needed knee replacement surgery so he chose the surgeon. A mistake was made. I woke up in pain that never subsided. I couldn’t put weight on my leg and got around with crutches. The mistake was acknowledged. The surgeon recommended Dr. Dabuzhsky be used to repair my knee replacement. I was surprised as Dr. Dabuzhsky is not at the same hospital or even in a affiliated hospital. . . . I woke up without pain, and was walking the following day. . . . Talented surgeons, like my first one, make mistakes when forced to rely solely on their perception of ideal. That’s no longer is necessary. Dr. Dabuzhsky is a shinning example. –Mary D; Massachusetts

As an orthopedic surgeon myself I understood the difference in Dr. Dabuzhsky's approach to knee replacement. That’s why I chose to fly from Tbilisi (capital of the Republic of Georgia) to Boston. When it came time for surgery, right before entering the operating room I looked up at Dr. Dabuzhsky walking beside me and playfully reminded him, “I flew a long way, and over many top hospitals, to come to you”. He smiled and assured me, “it was a good decision”. It turned to be far better than even I expected, and I had high expectations. I flew back to Tblisi just two weeks later walking with just a cane. That was after bi-lateral (both knees) total knee replacement. Three weeks after surgery I was through with the cane.–Mirab Chkhatarashvilli MD; Chairman of the Orthopedic Association of Georgia (Republic of Georgia)